Massage Therapy, Not Treatment

Therapy is when you don't need treatment any longer!

A “regular” client is an exception for us.
It means we could not fully cure their issues.
The Functional Muscle Manipulation, a next generation neuromuscular technique, has long term results.
Every week someone comes to us with chronic headaches, sciatica, regular muscle or nerve pains. Every week someone leaves without them.

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How is the FMM different?

The Funcional Muscle Manipulation, instead of trying to force chronically contracted muscles to soften up, or to ‘break scar tissue’, addresses the source of chronic muscle stiffness: A defensive pattern imposed by the sympathetic nervous system, which is the survival mechanism of our body.
When the sympathetic N.S. is convinced that it’s safe to ‘let go’, the muscles release their tension.

How Does it Feel?

During a session of FMM, you learn to breathe in a forgotten, completely natural way.
That breathing is going to be your way to decompress, for the rest of your life.
The FMM goes deeper, but there is no pain. When massage hurts, your body contracts, trying to protect itself. Contracting is the opposite of releasing.
Learning to release is what will keep you well for years.