Your first session will be mostly without music, since I have a lot to tell you, and some things to hear from you.
One of my very few negative reviews was very short: ‘He talks too much’ 🙂
This is because I have to help you understand what is the cause of your chronic muscle contractions, why we usually don’t feel how tight we are till it starts hurting, how the technique works to help you unfold and to teach you the ability to feel when your contraction and to release it.
Don’t expect a spa-type session where with the use of soft but indifferent music and soft strokes you will hopefully fall into a reviving nap. You will need to breathe in a certain way, and be present in your body while I work on you. We are looking to enhance your body-mind connection.
I will be participating in this and guiding you.

From session 2 and onwards there will be music. My music is not blunt, sleep inducing music like in most spas and massage therapy practices. I almost always play soft and emotional songs with some meaning. I know it’s different, and there is a reason for this. If a song brings memories or emotions, that is something desirable most of the time. It helps you feel and connect to your emotions and your body. And the body holds lots of un-resolved emotions as chronic contraction. Nevertheless, don’t expect a profound emotional experience. Those -although they may happen- are rare during the FMM. Just more contact.

Occasionally, someone may ask me to not play music at all or to play just instrumental music. I can accommodate either.