Do you do full body massages?

We don’t do ‘massages’ 🙂
We practice the Functional Muscle Manipulation, a specific therapeutic technique, with specific goals: To release your chronically contracted muscles mostly next to your spine, in order to heal you from muscle and nerve pains, improve your flexibility, improve your quality of life. With an emphasis of long term results.
We typically don’t work on the arms and legs, but there are cases where it’s necessary.
In case it is not clear by now, we also don’t do ‘pleasure massages’ with intimate expectations.

Where do you practice?

Our office is at 1601 N Gower St, Ste 105, in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.
If you are looking for a deeply relaxing but also therapeutic massage near Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Westwood, Central LA, Koreatown, Mid City, Culver City, Silver Lake, you are near.
If you have back pain, nerve pain, neuropathy, headaches, migraines, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and are looking for deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, relaxation massage, pain relief, muscle rehabilitation, neuromuscular massage, the Functional Muscle Manipulation will surprise you with it’s efficacy.

What if I want a 90 mins massage?

At DeeperLayers, we practice the Functional Muscle Manipulation.
Because of the focused work the client does, working on their body-mind connection during the session, usually the 50 mins session is enough. 
Still, the FMM will relieve your chronic tension much more than any other type of massage you have tried or may try in the future.

We offer an 80 mins option of an FMM session if you feel you have specific issues that might not be covered in the typical duration.


You will remove your clothes from the waist up and you will lie face down.
The FMM is practiced almost solely on the back and I use unscented high quality vegetable massage oil that doesn’t leave stains.
You can keep your pants or skirt on, or take them off to feel more comfortable, and have your lower part covered by a sheet.
Often you will need to have the upper part of your buttocks exposed, to work on your glutes. 

Paying with insurance

If you pay with an HSA or FSA account, you can deduct the expense on your tax-return.

I cannot get paid by your insurance for my services, but some clients had success in getting reimbursed. You could ask your insurance provider if they would reimburse an invoice by a massage therapist after a referral by your in-system physician.

In case of a Personal Injury by a car accident, your chiropractor or PCP might be able to refer you to us and your insurance should be able to cover our therapy.

Music - Talking

Your first session will be mostly without music, since I have some things to hear from you, and a lot to tell you.

In order for you to have results that don’t just last for the day, I will help you understand what keeps you contracted and how to unfold.

Don’t expect a spa-type session where with the use of soft but indifferent music and soft strokes you will likely fall into a reviving nap.
You will need to breathe in a way that I will teach you, and be present in your body while I work on you. We are looking to enhance your body-mind connection.
I will be guiding you.

From session 2 and onwards there will be music. I almost always play soft and emotional songs with some meaning. If a tune brings out memories or emotions, that is something desirable most of the time. It helps you feel and connect to your body.

Occasionally, someone may ask me to not play music at all or to play just instrumental music. I can accommodate either.

Sliding scale payment

Our philosophy is that no one that understands the need for real therapy with the Functional Muscle Manipulation should be left out because they can’t afford it. If you understand your need to be treated, you are willing to commit till we have lasting results, but have low income, let’s talk. In most cases, we should be able to accomodate your need.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel 24h in advance to avoid penalty.

A “no-show” will ne charged at 50% of the standard session cost.