Manual Lymph Drainage for Sinusitis

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, or MLD, is a type of medical massage used to improve the flow of lymph.
Also known as Lymphatic Massage, or Lymph Massage.

A pleasurable, affordable alternative to antibiotics and surgery

MLD can drain edemas, decongest and improve immune system functions.
In my experience with sinusitis, it will typically drain the sinuses and stop the inflammation in as few as 2 sessions and typically up to 8.
It is pleasurable and deeply relaxing.

For sinusitis it is performed on the neck and face with light, semi-circular strokes on the skin.

The principle is that we enhance the flow of lymph to the exit, which is at the base of the neck, where it meets the collar bone.
The lymph vessels under the skin are connected with the deeper ones, including those coming out of the sinuses.
When we ’empty’ the superficial vessels, the vacuum pulls the lymph of the deeper vessels up and away, draining the sinuses.

The few sessions necessary, have to be daily. Many people already feel results during the first session.