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With a Groupon for a Functional Muscle Manipulation session, you get to experience a unique, very beneficial technique that your body and mind will appreciate.
Overcome your chronic or acute pains, feel better, move better, breathe better!

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George Rodafinos deeperlayers functional musle manipulation

George Rodafinos

A massage therapist and instructor with 35 years of experience.
He developed and teaches the Functional Muscle Manipulation (FMM).

He came from Greece in 2014 after a successful career.
The fame of his work travelled him to Cyprus, Germany and Saudi Arabia.
CAMTC certified for California.
For more on George Rodafinos, read his bio

Alexis Dacosta Deeperlayers Functional Muscle Manipulation

Alexis Dacosta

Earned her massage therapist certificate in 2019. 
She consecutively trained with George Rodafinos on the Functional Muscle Manipulation neuromuscular technique. Her empathetic touch and positive energy add to the technique and offer a cherished therapeutic experience.
CAMTC certified for California.

Experience the Functional Muscle Manipulation

  • NO PAIN: ’Negotiation’ instead of ‘fighting’.
  • You learn a deep natural breathing.
  • Helps you improve your body-mind connection.
  • Better use of your body, results may last for years!
  • One session will leave you feeling and breathing better.