The Functional Muscle Manipulation Difference

by | Feb 11, 2020

The FMM could be called “Deep Tissue 2.0”

It brings results that last for years!

“Knots”: either scar tissue or hardened muscle caused by physical trauma and “wear and tear”. “Muscle Spasms”: well-functioning muscles commanded by the sympathetic N.S. to stay contracted. A misguided defense mechanism.
“Break” knots or try to soften up the hardened “material” by force. Negotiate with the sympathetic N.S. to release the muscles.
Depending on amount of pressure either hurts a lot or doesn’t go deep enough. Pressure constantly adjusting. Dialog with the body. The body opens up and allows much deeper work.
No pain.
Patient struggles to survive the intrusion and involuntarily fights back. Patient becomes physically aware and find that they can consciously release those spasmed muscles.
Poor results, dependency on long term treatment. “Never enough” Chronic problems related to involuntary contraction and nerve irritation (headaches, migraines, sciatica, tennis elbow etc) are solved completely, therapy ends and results last.
Typically results last a couple days, during which there is also local pain. Patient becomes aware of their body’s reaction to challenges as it happens. They learn to override that reaction and release the tension by themselves. Results can last for years.

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